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Mask on, Safety on

Affordable 3-ply masks
for maximum protection.

Why choose the Cofsils Face Mask?

98% virus
at 0.1 micron
Nose clip
for good fit
98% bacterial
at 3 microns
Comfortable fit
Fair price at
Rs. 16 a piece
Tested at an
*Bacterial filtration efficiency | **Particulate filtration efficiency

Our masks are produced at a manufacturing facility that...

Is ISO 13485:2016-certified
Passes ASTM ratings^
Is GMP-certified

^International standards for masks

Available at all leading chemists

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How to use: Tips for wearing our the Cofsils Face Mask

Why take chances when you can take precautionary measures?

Sanitise or wash your hands with soap before putting on and taking off your mask.

Place the coloured side of the mask on the outside.

Ensure your mask covers your mouth and nose.

Avoid touching the main body of the mask.

Do not allow a used mask to come in contact with people or surfaces.

Dispose of all used masks in closed dustbins.