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You might have lost the game,

but you won over 1.2 billion hearts.

Thank you for a memorable World Cup!


Cheer Gang Members

Dear Team India,

Thank you! Thank you for the past few weeks of exhilaration, excitement, passion and a whole spectrum of emotions we felt. All of 1.2 billion+ people lived every moment with you boys. So, thank you for making us feel like a part of the team. We might have been a few thousand miles away from you but it felt like we were right there with you, playing for the nation.

You played like champions, won like champions, and even bowed out of the competition like absolute champions! That MSD run-out in the Semi-Final will haunt us for some time but that’s what this team is all about, getting past the adversities and making its fans dream again. And dream we shall! We’ll continue cheering for you, our heroes, way into the night, and early in the morning to show the world that this team has lost a game, but not us!

Thank you, #TeamIndia. Come 2023, we go again!


Cofsils Cheer Gang